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Sketching in Dingwall Scotland

Sketching in Dingwall Scotland

Robb McKenzie

Many years ago, I took art classes in college, but my career turned towards technology and my life towards family. My art lay dormant until the past few years when I rediscovered how much I enjoyed painting and drawing.

Born and raised in Tampa Florida, in my younger days I constantly drew. Art classes were the only ones I did well in.  When my grades made me a perfect candidate for military service, I joined the U.S. Air Force. The service brought me to Texas in the early 70’s, where I met my inspiring wife and decided to stay.

Mostly self-taught, I work predominately in acrylics, but I also enjoy drawing with water-soluble and graphite pencils.  I also have become deeply involved in ceramics and the Steampunk genre.  Visit to see how deep it’s gotten.

While I enjoy being outside painting or drawing, I can typically be found working in my upstairs studio or down in my garage throwing a pot on my wheel.

Juried Shows:
Art Hop 2012, Georgetown Texas
Art Gallery  at the Old Bakery & Emporium
Austin Visual Artists Association Members
Austin Visual Artists Association Fall Show
Art Hop 2014 (four works), Georgetown Texas
CAS Show at the Dougherty Arts Center

Bass Concert Hall
Riverbend Gallery
Georgetown Art Center 5×7 Show
EAST 2014
Forest Hills Gallery
Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge Texas
Pflugerville Public Library, Pflugerville Texas
Fruit & Veggie Art Show, Counter Culture
The Lowry Arts Centre,  Salford Quays, UK

Creative Arts Society (Board of Directors)
Austin Visual Arts Association
Austin Urban Sketchers
Austin Artists Network
Austin Fiber Artists
Texas Clay Arts Association



Discussing a work at the OBE

Discussing a work at the OBE

At Louis Neff Point

Plein Air At Louis Neff Point

At Georgetown Art Hop

At Georgetown Art Hop

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