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New Journey

Thursday, the last day of 2015, my contract with AT&T ended and I turned in my building access badge.  Only twice in over twenty-five years have I had to do this.  The first was a couple years ago when after 25 years of service I retired from the State of Texas; the second time was today.  Leaving is odd.  I had a feeling of trepidation and nervousness.  When I handed my badge to the manager on duty, who I knew, we started to chat and the chat ended up talking about art; my paintings, my foray into ceramics, that his grandmother was an artist…and my new job.  When I left the building my mind was lighter and thinking about my next art piece.  It’s amazing how art can lift the spirit and free the soul.

Did I say my new job?  Yes, yet another job, but this one is does not involve telecommunications or technology which has been the focus of my career for nearly forty-five years.

In my younger days, when I was taking art classes in college, the teacher recommended a nearby art supply shop for the items on his list.  It was a very small shop.  If you spread your arms you could nearly touch the side walls, but it carried everything an aspiring young artist would ever need; oils, watercolors, pastels, pencils of every flavor, drawing pads and canvasses. There was never much money in my pockets at the time, but always had enough for a tube of oil paint or a sketch pad.   I always enjoyed shopping there and visiting with the owner and sole employee, who at the time seemed like an old lady though she was probably only in her forties.  She would let me know whenever a shipment was coming in so I could peruse the fresh supplies to see what was new. Ah, the smell of a fresh paper pads right out of the box.   I thought what a perfect job that would be.

Now over forty-five years later, I do have my perfect job.  Starting January 14, I begin my new career at Jerry’s Artarama!  It’s a part-time job; I’ve worked full-time long enough and it will leave time to thrown pots and paint.  I will be there every Thursday and Friday, so stop by to see me and if you never have been to Jerrys, get hooked on art supplies…..and art.

Jerry's Artarama

Jerry’s Artarama

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