Another Great Day Sketching


Completed drawing

The day started out overcast and misty, so I wasn’t sure if the Austin Urban Sketchers Meet-Up at Zilker Park’s Botanical Gardens was still on, but not wanting to pass up an opportunity of organized sketching, I went despite the weather.  Twenty-six signed up; ten turned up and we had a great time.  As usual we went our own ways, looking for our inspiration.

Down one of the Tea Garden paths is a spectacular view of downtown Austin, emerging beyond a Texas Laurel and other flora.  One fortunate thing about the view is it could be seen from a strategically placed park bench.

With my .03mm pen, I drew in rough outlines of the bushes and trees, and with my ruler, I drew in the buildings.  Using my Prismacolor drawing pencils, I began to add color. I never seem to have the colors I need, but I always make do.

Taking time to draw, especially at someplace as beautiful as Zilker, is very relaxing mentally.  Several times I stopped drawing and just enjoyed nature.  My body was a bit sore from sitting so long, but my mind was clear.

Downtown Austin from the Botanical Gardens

Downtown Austin from my bench at the Botanical Gardens


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